Hello Lovely!

I’m Lady

I’m a hot chocolate-obsessed Alaskan who has a fun sense of adventure.

Every chance I get I’m trying to explore fun and new places to make memories.

I created a travel blog because everyone had questions about the places I’ve visited, the gear I used, and the food I ate. Sharing my travels and adventures led to questions about my website, and YouTube channel.

This is why I’m starting a podcast to show the not so pretty behind-the-scenes of building a business and a blog. So exciting!

For fun…

Some facts about me

I have visited 33 countries. Mostly through cruising and tours.

If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be mac and cheese. The kind we have for Thanksgiving that’s made from scratch with seven different kinds of cheese.

My favorite Alaskan memory is walking on glaciers.

Ready to start listening?